Dabbling in Satanism

Satanism is very different from other religions. Satanism is different in that it does not mix. Mixing Satanism and Christianity for example is like mixing water with electricity. I have seen and read accounts where certain people who had an interest in Satanism, still had sympathies with Christianity. There were still strong unconscious ties to the Christian religion, resulting from intense indoctrination. Most of us came from Christian backgrounds and for many there are still some lingering issues and hang-ups. Christian programming is very intense and given the extremely large amounts of psychic energy that have gone into it through centuries of Christian prayers and belief, there is a lot of negative programming that one must overcome in order to be totally free.

In addition to this, Christianity has infested and has been imbedded in nearly everything. Much of this is subliminal. For more information concerning this, please visit this webpage:

Why It Can Be Difficult to Deprogram from Christian Indoctrination

People who are uncertain of their beliefs and who still have strong ties to Christianity or other related programs, either consciously, or in many cases subconsciously, can be setting themselves up for some very frightening and negative psychic experiences.

Calling upon Demons and going deep into the occult can bring up some very unexpected negative encounters for dabblers. This is the work of enemy alien entities that use fear to keep humans away Satan. In most cases this works, as it instills terror in the dabbler and he/she usually goes running back to the Nazarene and blames Satan. I strongly suggest those who wish to go this far, first become strong in Satan. This can be done by studying and reading everything on this website.

Very, very few, if any, progress in power unless they have a powerful protector. When one who is serious in developing the powers of the mind advances to any formidable level, or has any serious ability, he/she will be approached by powerful entities asking him/her to take sides in the spiritual war. The truly gifted who walk alone usually donít live very long on this earth without the protection of a higher power.

I feel it is important to warn those who are undecided or lukewarm to stay away from calling up Demons or trying to contact spirit entities until they are spiritually ready. Everyone is welcome here, from the dedicated to the curious.

Knowledge should be open and available for everyone. There are some things, though that are advanced and one should wait before getting involved in these practices. At some point, it is a very important step in Satanism to cut all ties with any and all other religions. To avoid doing this is inviting disaster. This must be done from the soul in that there should be no indecision or mixed feelings. If there are mixed feelings, then one should wait, as this is a permanent step.

Even for those of you who have already performed the dedication ritual, it is still important to deprogram yourself from any Christian indoctrination.

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