Initiation Ceremony for Satanic Covens

The initiation ritual must be performed with every new member. New members are to be selected with care, as they must be of the intentions and mindset of the coven and put everyone's best interests first and foremost. The initiation is a bonding to the coven; like that of a family. As with the dedication to Satan ritual, is permanent. The candidate's interests and goals should be in harmony with the coven and above all, he/she should be totally and completely dedicated to Satan/Lucifer, and in furthering his agenda. Any and all candidates for the coven MUST have already performed the dedication rite before they can be initiated into the coven. The Patron Demon/ess of the coven will give the go ahead for new members. No one should be admitted with out the Patron Demon/ess's consent.

The initiation ritual is a ceremony. A special ritual should accompany the rite. Most initiations are performed during a Sabbat, or an Esbat. Each coven has its own variations for initiation, but here are the standard guidelines:

If the candidate knows his/her Guardian Demon, he/she should be summoned and invited to join in the rite.
The candidate reads aloud the following, written on paper or parchment, when taking the oath. After reciting the oath, he/she must sign his/her name in blood, in front of the group. The paper is then burned in a burning bowl as an offering to Satan/Lucifer.

I_________________(state full name), before almighty Satan/Lucifer, before_______________(name of Patron Demon
of the coven), before______________
(name of Guardian Demon; if applicable),
In the presence of all here assembled, of my own free will, I solemnly swear that I shall ever keep secret those things entrusted to my ears alone by this coven.
I promise to work to advance Satanism in every way that is available to me.
I understand I am a warrior for Satan and an earthly member of Hell's Army; this coven being my unit.
I promise to apply my powers and energies with those of the group to destroy selected enemies of Satan.
I promise to apply my powers as a group effort for any member of this coven who is in need, knowing the same will be done for me, if required. All of this, I swear upon my life, now and hereafter, and may those powers I possess, now or hereafter, turn against me should I break this most solemn oath.
Lord Satan, and all of the Demons and Powers of Hell,
may you deem me worthy.
Ave Satanas
__________________(sign your name in blood).


The paper/parchment is then burned in the bowl and the rite is concluded. Afterwards, there is feasting and celebrating.


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