Ritual Tools

Ritual tools are unnecessary for the success of a working, and are basically used in ceremonial magick. By and of themselves, they have no powers of their own, unless they were infused with power. Ritual tools are used by those who need an atmosphere, and enjoy and/or work better with a formal ritual. Ritual tools are also often used by covens, as covens frequently engage in a formal ceremony.

The powers of one’s mind and soul are the only essentials in performing a working. For those of you who are new, the information given below is very standard to witchcraft. For the true meanings of the props given here, there is a link at the bottom of the page that explains what they symbolize.

The Athame or "ritual dagger" "black handled ritual knife" is used to point to the 4 directions and invoke the 4 Crowned Princes of Hell. It is used to direct energy and the will. It is associated with the element of air. It is also phallic and symbolizes the male energies of the rite.

The Baphomet. Everyone should have a Baphomet symbol somewhere on their altar, as this represents both knowledge and wisdom and is an ancient Satanic symbol.

The Bell is used to signal the beginning and the end of the ritual. The ringing of the Bell clears the air in preparation for ritual. It is rung in opening the ritual by turning widdershins [counter-clockwise] and at the end of the ritual by turning deosil [clockwise].

The Book of Shadows is also known as a Spellbook. Some people call it a Black Book. It is your own private journal of ritual and magickal workings, their outcome, what you did and when and how you did it, spirit communications, and manifestations, and the planets; anything that is relevant to your working. It is a private record you can keep and refer to in recording all of your ritual experiences and workings in detail. Do not confuse a Book of Shadows/Black Book/ Spellbook with a Grimoire. A Grimoire is a book that has spells and such already contained therein. A Grimoire is not a personal journal, and can be used by anyone. It is not personal. There are many grimoires available that are not only very dangerous, but are blasphemous to Satan and our Demons and should be avoided, as they were written by the enemy.

The Burning Bowl should be made of stainless steel or silver. It is of the element of fire and is used to burn papers that contain written prayers/requests during ritual. A separate bowl is not necessary, but can be used to burn poppets,, personal belongings or effigies of a hated one for use in destructive [black] magickal workings.
Always keep separate ritual items for black magickal workings. The reason for this is because when we practice black magick, we are using very negative and destructive energy. This energy can contaminate your every day ritual items. Black magickal tools are best kept separate. In time, they will develop a powerful energy of their own.

Candles are representative of the element of fire. Candles for a Standard Satanic Ritual should be black, but if black is unavailable, blue or red or any other color including white [for white magick] can be used. When summoning Demons, it is important to use the color related to the Demon.
*Due to Christian control, places where black candles can be purchased are becoming scarce. Do the best you can, and always remember, what is in your heart and what your intentions are is more important than the color of your candles.

The Chalice represents the element of water. It is used to drink wine or some other beverage during a formal ritual. It should be silver or stainless steel. It symbolizes the female energies of the rite.

Crystals are not necessary, but they can be used to intensify ritual and magickal workings and to store energy.

The Incense Burner is used to perfume the air and to create a favorable atmosphere for ritual and magickal workings. Incense is also pleasing to the Demons. One should always sample the burning of new incense. This is because once a ritual has begun; it is too late if the incense is substandard. Cheap or foul smelling incense can be a major embarrassment and can also be insulting to the spirits one is trying to summon. The Incense Burner is both of the elements of fire and air.

Pentagrams are not necessary, but can be used to represent the element of earth. They should be of silver or stainless steel.

Ritual Cords are not necessary, but can be used in binding spells or with spells that require knot magick.

The Wand is a standard ritual tool used by mages and sorcerers of the enemy. I strongly discourage the use of a wand. It is also called a "Blasting Rod" and for centuries has been used to abuse and exploit Demons in the name of the enemy “god” and angels. This is not wise if one wishes to establish relationships with Demons as wands are very offensive to them. Wands are representative of the element of fire.

Advanced Satanic Ritual [What the ritual tools actually symbolize]

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