Satanic Sabbats and Esbats

Sabbats differ from Esbats [meetings during the full Moon cycle] in that they are also celebrations. “Sabbats” comes from the French word “s’ebattre” meaning to “revel” or “frolic.” For the Greater Sabbats of the year, see “Satanic Holidays.”

A Satanic Coven needs the following to operate:

Regular coven meetings are Esbats. Rituals, magick, and learning/study as a group are performed during these meetings. Esbats are the days during a full moon cycle. The reason for meeting and performing workings during the full moon is that the powers of the female side of the soul are much stronger during this time. The female side of the soul is the side that gives the raw power. The male side of the soul is the logical side and directs the energies of the female side to manifest in reality. The full moon gives power to any magickal workings performed during that time. Every coven should meet at least once a month, during the cycle of the full moon. Given there are 13 lunations a year, there should be at least 13 meetings a year.
At Esbats, any work that needs to be done, how it will be done and any planning for the following Esbat is discussed. The coven will discuss what work [magick] is to be done and exactly how it is to be done. The entire group should then meditate on the whole picture of what is to be done. Each and every member should have a clear picture in his/her mind of the planned working and end result.

In a Satanic coven, ALL members should actively participate. One person lights the candles, others play musical instruments, and another member writes the prayers to be said or helps to outline the ritual and so forth.

It is imperative for the group to have complete privacy and to never be disturbed or interrupted, especially when working magick. Security is of paramount importance. When the coven meets for a magickal working, the following ritual takes place. These are just guidelines and can be modified for the individual preferences of each group.

The Esbat is normally opened with the High Priest/ess drawing a pentagram in the air and performing the Standard Ritual. After invoking the 4 Crowned Princes of Hell, the High Priest/ess should read aloud a prayer, asking for Satan’s guidance for the workings of the coven. Five minutes of meditative silence should follow so that each person, in his/her own way can give thanks to the Powers of Hell or make requests.

It is standard tradition that the group then begins chanting in unison
S-A-T-A-N,   S-A-T-A-N. Variations are S-A-T-A-N---- H-E-A-R----U-S. If there are musical instruments such as a recorder [small flute], or small drum, these can be played during the chanting. Feel and enjoy the power of the chanting for several minutes. After the chanting, the High Priest/ess stands with his/her legs apart and arms raised up and out, stretching towards the sky. The rest of the group then kneels and raises their arms high.

At this time, the High Priest/ess opens him/herself up to any Demonic energies present. Every now and then, a Demon/ess may speak to the coven. Through the High Priest/ess.

When any magickal workings need to be done, a circle is cast. One of the coven members should light four black or blue (if black is unavailable) candles at each of the cardinal points of the circle to represent the four Crowned Princes of Hell. This type of a circle is to concentrate the power of the coven. This is done by directing one’s energy down through one’s athame and visualizing a blue light, outlining the circle. The circle should be large enough to contain everyone comfortably. The member casting the circle should breathe in energy and exhale that energy, directing as much energy down through the athame and into the circle as possible. A censer containing appropriate incense should then be used to consecrate the circle. After this is done, the High Priest/ess once more goes around the circle with his/her athame to reinforce it. Additional candles can be lit in the background to coordinate the working- for example red for workings of destruction or lust. Remember to keep the candles in safe areas so as not to burn the place down!

At no time during the working of the magick, should anyone ever leave the circle. The circle must not be broken. It is imperative the group has complete privacy and is never disturbed or interrupted, especially when working magick. Remember, security is of paramount importance.

The combined will of all of the individual coven members MUST be directed towards the same goal. The power generates and collects over the circle in the shape of a cone. Once enough power has been generated, then the cone of power is then directed.
Dancing and chanting is the most common method of building power within a group and dates back to ancient times. The entire group dances around in a circle to a regular beat or rhythm of a chant. The dance and the beat quicken and the power builds. Dancing should always be widdershins [counter-clockwise]. Just let go and enjoy. Circle dances start off slowly and gradually build up faster and faster to a climax. Coven members can dance either holding hands or individually. When holding hands, this further concentrates the power by connecting the energies so the power can build evenly. Another variation of holding hands can be locking elbows. Dancing can either be done robed or in the nude.
Important points are - simplicity and rhythm. Everyone dances facing inwards, widdershins with a left-right-left step. When each foot hits the ground, bend the knee a little, as this gives more of a rhythmic hop to the movement. The floor should be stomped hard with the beat, as this will help to keep the rhythm and build the power.

The coven will decide which chants [words of power] to use, instruments if any, and the specific details of the ritual and the wording during the Esbat meeting. Everyone should be exactly clear on what he/she is to do and what will be taking place.

Feeling is the most important component of magick. To produce power, everyone must feel strongly about what they have set to accomplish. Each and every member of the coven must have a clear picture in his/her mind of what is to be done. The end result is the most important for everyone to focus on. The image of the end result must be clear in everyone’s mind and the energy must be concentrated to that end. Everyone must visualize and direct his/her will towards the end result!

The goal is to build up the power of the coven to as high a point as possible and then release it to work the magick. Dancing faster and faster and chanting [vibrating words of power in unison], louder and louder, then stop dancing and drop to the floor, this can be done on the knees or however each individual feels comfortable. Everyone should have the picture vividly in their mind and be focused, then release it. The High priest/ess will lead the coven. Each member may want to shout as this helps release the power.

For the best times in working magick- see “timing.”

The rite is then closed with the High Priest/ess’ ringing of the bell. This symbolic significance of the bell is reverberation. The words of power resonate upon the soul.

Afterwards, it is customary to have feasting. Each Coven member can bring food and/or drinks. There can also be dancing, fun, and games as with a Sabbat, these should be included in the planning.

For times when there is no work to be done, it is customary for a standard ritual and invocation of Satan to be done, asking for guidance. During these times, the group should work together as a unit on their powers. This is best done with group energy work. The High Priest/ess chooses a topic and reads to the group and than a discussion follows. Topics can be taken from this website or other sources, and should focus on Satanism, magickal practice, and personal empowerment.

The underlying purpose of a coven is the meeting of minds and spiritual energy. Ritual tools are nothing more than props. If your group is unable to obtain ritual items, this does not stop you from forming a coven and using the powers of your combined minds/souls to achieve your ends. Formal ceremony, though helpful and ideal for a coven, is unnecessary if this proves too difficult. Teenagers along with others who live in areas of the world where it is not safe to have Satanic items can operate without these. All of Satanism is using the powers of your mind and soul. Material items are only props.

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