Spiritual Code-Words

True spirituality is a gigantic MESS. Christianity and its ilk have really done a job in corrupting spiritual knowledge and replacing it with lies. In addition, much of what we have available in modern times has some truths thrown in with lies. Many of those so-called "gurus" and "masters" have deliberately left out very important key concepts and/or through their very own ignorance added flawed material. Persecution has always been an issue in hiding important spiritual concepts within legends, epics and other stories of the Gods [ALLEGORIES], in the belief that the Gods will lead their own to the real meanings. While the Gods are real E.T. beings, each one also has an important spiritual concept in their name, sigil and story of their life here on earth.

Below in alphabetical order is a list of spiritual code-words to know when doing personal research. When knowing their meanings, most often, many writings and texts come to light.

Detachment = This comes with meditation. Unfortunately, this word has been really corrupted in most meditation texts. What happens with consistent meditation, one is not affected by one's environment like others who do not meditate. For example, in emergency situations, the meditator is able to remain 'detached' and keep a cool head. One does not get rattled/upset. Consistent Hatha [physical] yoga, along with meditation will bring inner peace and will also free the practitioner from craving substances such as recreational drugs and alcohol.

Desire = as with the information in the paragraph directly above, with consistent practicing of yoga and meditation, the desire for indulging in harmful substances will go away. Unfortunately, many mainstream books on yoga and meditation, along with most other New Age articles and publications completely pervert the concept of desire into something negative. They promote a "lack of desire" in wanting for anything material and such. This is NOT true! This is only another false teaching that works to keep all wealth and power in the hands of the enemy. Desire is a very positive emotion and without desire, one would never achieve anything in life, such as personal goals or anything else for that matter. Desire is essential for life. Yoga and meditation take away the desire for harmful and negative things in one's life and give the ability to detach in a positive sense. I speak from direct experience here.
In addition, this is what is meant by Satan's statement in the Al Jilwah: "I lead to the straight path without a book."

Gate/s = Chakras

God, Gods = The Gods are code-words for the Chakras. "God" is a code word for the self

Heaven = The crown chakra [Christians stole this concept from Taoism and corrupted it, as with 'Hell']

Hell = The Base chakra [Christians stole this concept from Taoism and corrupted it, as with 'Heaven']. The base chakra is the seat of the serpent Kundalini and is hot when activated.

Pray/Prayer = Either telepathic communication with our Gods OR reciting a mantra/words of power to accomplish a goal

Purification = Cleaning one's aura before a ritual or working. This helps in having a freer flow of energy to accomplish the goal. The aura is cleansed of any conflicting energies that act to impede the new energy.

Surrender = Another word that has been hideously corrupted. All this means is during meditation, one needs to totally relax and let go to access the female part of the soul and brain. Also- this is important after doing a working- just let go and do not dwell on the outcome, as worry, etc., hampers the energy.

Worship = Meditation, total focus upon an object, mantra, sigil, etc., to achieve a goal. This DOES NOT have to do with slavish fawning before a parasitical “deity.”




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