Satanism is a religion of the mind. Nearly 100% of all Satanists, past and present have practiced and have taken a serious interest in witchcraft, magick, and the occult. Witchcraft has always been synonymous with Satanism. "Witch" means "wise one". Because of persecution, most sorcerers and practitioners of the magickal arts/powers of the mind, years ago worked in secrecy. Witchcraft and the occult are spiritual. Satanism has always been extremely spiritual.

The Gods are all extra-terrestrials. In nearly every authentic account of direct human interaction with aliens, the aliens displayed advanced powers of the mind. Telepathic communication took place, even with humans who had no previous experience with this. Levitation, telekinesis, healing, performing a mind wipe [where one forgets everything that occurred], and other powers of the mind, deemed extraordinary by humans are commonplace for the majority of these beings.

Witchcraft is nothing more than attempts by human beings at attaining powers of the mind that are our birthright. For centuries, the Christian Churches and their cohorts have done everything in their power to frighten people away from attempting to use the power of which other beings in the universe have full access. The sole purpose and objective of Christianity has always been to remove all spiritual knowledge and prevent humanity from accessing the powers of the mind and soul, so this power can be kept in the hands of a "chosen" few for world domination, where everyone will be enslaved and brutalized. Humanity has been held dangerously and purposely back by Christianity. This not only places us as a whole in a seriously vulnerable and defenseless position, but also damns the soul that is at the complete mercy of other beings who do have spiritual power.

The enemy extra-terrestrials, which outnumber those who are friendly to humanity, look upon humanity as beasts to be exploited. Their goal is to use the energy of our souls after we die, for their own purposes. The only way they can succeed is through humanity’s spiritual ignorance and lack of spiritual power. This is one reason I strongly encourage people to perform the dedication ritual to Satan. When we make a commitment to Satan, he protects us as we advance spiritually. Many, who go it alone with sorcery and advancing their souls, meet with disaster. This does not come from Satan, but is from the enemy who uses fear and negative experiences to frighten and discourage people from attaining any real power. Those who reach a certain level, stand out on the astral. There are numerous Yahoo groups on the internet, those who are without, who discuss kundalini and other psychic empowerment phenomena and the negative experiences these people have are rampant.

I subscribed to several of these groups some time ago and read many messages concerning negative experiences with astral entities and anxiety attacks and unwanted spiritual intrusions where these people suffered attacks that they had no explanation for. One woman permanently lost all of her hair after performing a spell. As the illustration in the text used in the movie "The Nine Gates" warned, "Venture too far and danger can descend on you from up above," this is true to reality.

Many so-called "spooks" are in reality extra-terrestrials, including the Cyclops, fairies, elves, gnomes, and others. Fairies, gnomes, and related are elemental beings that only have one or two elements that comprise their souls, where human beings have five: fire, earth, air, water, and ether. Single-element beings are also adept at astral projection and other feats, which explain much of the "hallucinations" experienced by those who open their minds up enough to "see" them.

Non-conformity is a major part of Satanism. Those who conform are sheep and will never have the strength to think for themselves enough to see the truth and evolve to a higher level. One cannot conform if one wishes to empower one’s self. One must completely know one’s self in order to evolve and effectively practice magick and not follow the herd.

Every problem can be solved with the right kind of knowledge. Knowledge also eliminates fear and is the key to power.


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