The Roots and Origins of True Satanism

After years of research into Satanism, we have found the origins are in the Far East. When beginning research into Satanism, one usually will look to Western Occultism. Western Occultism has been thoroughly corrupted and infested with Jewish filth. Nearly everything in Western Occultism has its roots in the Far East.

Western Occultism is chock full of Hebrew letters, numerology, angels and other filth. Our original Gods who gave us spiritual knowledge are blasphemed and made to hideous monsters. When tracing all of this back to its origins in the Far East, the names of our Gods in Sanskrit are revered and held in the high esteem they deserve. The name "Satan" which means "enemy" in Hebrew, means TRUTH and CREATOR GOD in Sanskrit. Of course, the people of lies would deem TRUTH as their mortal enemy. "Satan" is in Hebrew: Sin, Tet and Final Nun. Hebrew is read from right to left [backwards from English].

If anyone should doubt this, just look up the letters above in a Hebrew dictionary, and you will find it translates into "enemy" and "fiend." I would also like to add here in response to misinformation [I had this wrong myself, thinking this had a relation to hatha yoga, until I studied Hebrew], some claim there is a difference between the "Ha Satan" and "Satan" like they are two different characters. Not so. "Ha" in Hebrew means "the." So in translation, we have Enemy [Satan] and THE Enemy [Ha Satan] and nothing more. I am adding this information to this article given questions regarding this over the years in the JoS e-groups.

Civilization did not begin in the Middle East as we are led to believe. Sumeria, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations obtained their spiritual teachings and occult knowledge from the Far East. The modern paperback edition of the Necronomicon; in the preface, the editors even admit to this text having its origins in Sanskrit. Anyone with knowledge of Sanskrit can see this is true with many of the words and names in that book.

Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler who was a Satanist, knew the truth about our spiritual origins in the Far East, and sent an expedition to Tibet, where the Germans were very well received. The expedition brought back around 30 Tibetan Buddhist Monks to Berlin, all of whom died in a group ritual suicide in the spring of 1945, with the fall of the Third Reich.

True Satanism can be found in Kundalini [Serpent] Yoga, and Left Hand Path Tantra. Unfortunately, like with everything else, there have been some corruptions in the above-mentioned disciplines, where the Jewish tool of Christianity has infested, but most of you who are dedicated to Satan will feel the truth in the basic doctrines. Acquiring of knowledge means sifting out the dross.

In their obsessive and relentless quest for world domination, and to take the place of our True Creator God who is known as Satan, the Jews have used everything in their power to destroy, pervert, and corrupt all true spiritual knowledge. The mass murder of Gentile priests and sages, the systematic destruction through infiltration, of any and all prominent Gentile occult organizations, such as Freemasonry, [which is now another tool for Jewish communism], leaving a long trail of murders, and more murders and lies to cover up the stinking stench of all of this hideous kosher corruption. The end result is communism, which is the final removal of all spiritual/occult knowledge from the Gentile populace, while Jewish masters assume the position of 'God.'

In preparation for all of this, nearly every single page of the Judeo/Christian Bible has the word 'Jew' 'Jews' and/or 'Israel' on it. Their agenda is based upon taking names, places, important dates, and concepts from Gentiles and replacing them with their fictitious characters, archetypes, and corrupted teachings, to disarm us spiritually. They use these lies to claim they were the founders of all religion, civilization, and spiritual teachings, the greatest of their lies is that of being 'The Chosen of God.' Much of this is also subliminal. Exclusively Jewish schools where the Jews learn to argue and obtain the knowledge they need to destroy Gentiles, are called "Shivas." The name was stolen from the masculine power of the Kundalini, the consort of the feminine Shakti. In other words, the brains that direct the spiritual power to manifest on the material plane in a specific way. Those who are knowledgable here can readily see the connection.

Many textbooks, even at college level claim Judaism to be the oldest of religions, which is a LIE. A prime example of using a fictitious history is the state of Palestine. They obtained this state through LIES. Ever since, the Palestinian people have suffered horribly. There has never been any peace in the Middle East with the establishment of the bandit state of Israel. These lies have given the Jewish people special privileges and a history they are NOT entitled to.

Occult power is within us all. By removing this knowledge and keeping it for themselves, the Jews can throw a curse at whomever they choose, and the Gentile victim is helpless without any knowledge or spiritual power. They have even bragged about this and more in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, stating the aura of protection they have put around their entire people, so when the shit really comes down on all of the Gentiles [fighting each other, because of Jewish instigation], their own will be protected.
Christianity not only removes spiritual knowledge and replaces it with Jewish lies, but also self-perpetuates through the use of the energies of the believers. This powerful Jewish tool must be destroyed, as its end result is Jewish communism, as can be readily seen in the biblical message as a whole and in the sermons of the Jewish invented character of the nazarene.

'Maya' means 'illusion' in Sanskrit. Many are concerned about the 'Mayan' calendar, which states the end being in the year 2012. Given the research I have done [I am far from finished here], the names of many civilizations, especially many ancient ones have their origins in Sanskrit, such as Sumeria/SumerAryan. The Mayan connection makes sense. We believe that 2012 may be the year when Gentiles as a whole wake up to the Jewish SPELL and HOAX of Christianity.

A Jewish rabbi once stated that the Hebrew letter 'Vau' that is in their numerology a six, is also the Semitic W. WWW [World Wide Web of the internet] equals '666' which the Jews have named 'The Beast.' The information on the internet cannot be controlled. This will be their undoing.

In closing, I would like to add some very important information concerning the Eastern teachings we now have available to us today. Like with most everything, much of what we have today has been infested with Christian lies, no different from the 'New Age' teachings, which are Christianized Paganism and witchcraft. When researching Kundalini Yoga and Left Hand Path Tantra, one can see in the essence, the symbols, the mantras, the words, and the techniques, the Satanic essense and foundation here.

The most important thing one can do when reading anything of yoga is to realize that much of what we now have available to us has been corrupted. Spiritual knowledge has been hideously desecrated and blasphemed with Christian overtones and related soul pollution. There are no 'Laws' as such. All of the crap on celibacy, abstaining from eating certain foods, observing certain virtues, lack of desire and detachment, and related, is not only dross, but very harmful advice in many respects. These restrictions, along with their related advice on how to raise the serpent, open the chakras, align the chakras, and much more has been purposely desecrated to PREVENT most people from attaining the godhead, and for the small percentage that are successful in raising these energies, most like Gopi Krishna have met with very serious problems and many also with personal disaster. I have done enough studying, along with personal experience to know this. In addition, that 'absence of desire' that keeps cropping up in many of Eastern teachings [that have been corrupted with Christian filth], that alone- one can see is total bullshit and lies. Total absence of desire = death. If one actually had 'no desires' then one would not meditate, nor would one work towards advancing one's self and seeking enlightenment. One would be dead. These false teachings are there to disarm and prevent those who acquire power from the above disciplines from using it. Using our powers through both white and black magick is what the enemy fears the most. This is why these teachings have been corrupted. As for absence of desire, the only truth in this is if one does the exercises faithfully, this will stop cravings for mind-altering drugs and related vices.

True Left Hand Path Tantra is living life to the fullest, indulgence in pleasure, while working towards enlightenment through meditation and knowledge- the Satanic way. Many books about yoga contradict each other, which reveals corrputed information. You have to open your mind and like with reading anything- read through it the Satanic way- sift out the xian bullshit that unfortunately has infested nearly everything.

In empowering ourselves, truth be known, and I speak from experience here:

The only thing that IS relevant with these disciplines is CONSISTENT PRACTICE, and nothing more. The essence of these teachings are all about developing the powers of the mind and soul, which are open to everyone in the universe. You don't have to live your life by certain laws. Energy does what it is told to do. The only thing one needs is accurate knowledge. The knowledge on how to get there and how to be the most powerful you can be.

As Satanists, we work towards:


DESIRE is the key to working effective 'witchcraft.' When our minds and souls become powerful through meditation, yoga, and mantra, what we DESIRE will often manifest of itself in our lives, even without any working or ritual. I know this from my own personal experiences. DESIRE alone will bring it about, if one has the power.


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