Basic Guidelines for Satanic Covens

The purpose of the coven is strength in numbers. The combined soul/mind power of the members can accomplish much more than one person working alone. A coven provides companionship, mutual enjoyment of the practices, camaraderie and is like a close-knit family. A working performed by the group will usually succeed remarkably, whereas one working alone may only realize moderate success. All Joy of Satan covens are for the purpose of spiritual warfare. Each coven works directly with a Patron Demon/ess who guides and instructs the coven as to the wishes of Satan. The coven is to operate in absolute secrecy.

The word "coven" is derived from the Latin "conventus" meaning "gathering" or "assembly" or "to convene." It has the same root as "convention" and "covenant."

The coven itself becomes a powerful unit. The more powerful the minds and souls of the individual members, the more powerful the coven will be as a whole. In time, with continued workings, the coven develops a powerful aura of energy, of which individual members can draw upon to supplement their own power. The coven becomes an energy bank. This is only possible with regular meetings and rituals where all of the members work together as a group effort. Consistency is always the key in building and establishing spiritual energy.

The structure and requirements of a coven:

What is needed for a coven celebration:

The main focus of the coven is to work as a unit to accomplish magickal feats that are not normally possible through the efforts of just one person alone. Though the following items are an ideal, they are not absolutely necessary. The most important thing is the regular meeting of all the members together and their working as a unit, consistently. Just as an individual becomes stronger through consistency in his/her yoga and meditation practices in building energy and strengthening his/her soul, along with directing and focusing his/her mind, so does the coven as a unit. The coven is spiritual. The material items are ideal for celebrations and such, but if these prove too difficult to obtain for some, this will not prevent you from functioning as a coven.

One or more small drums like bongo drums that can be used to get the group into a rhythm. Rhythm and dance have been known traditionally to build the energy of the soul. Optional musical instruments for a Satanic coven are:

Tambourines, recorders, panpipes, flutes, rattles. This is for the rhythmic dancing in a circle, which will be done to raise powers of the group as a unit. Dancing is often done in a line in a snake-like fashion, with the High Priest/ess at the front leading the others, making S's and other turning dance moves. For dancing that takes place after the rite, the above instruments can be played, or music of choice can be played over loud speakers- metal or any other lively beat is fine.

A suitable Altar and Altar tools are needed. These can belong to the High Priest or can be separate for the coven. A group chalice will be needed and either wine or some other beverage will be used. [The entire group will sip from the chalice during the rite]. This is for formal rituals that make use of all of the props. As many already know, props are not needed for workings of the mind and soul. Props are only used to create a certain mood that is helpful to the working.

For teens and others who are not free, props are not necessary. Only that everyone in the coven is dedicated to Satan and that the coven meets regularly. Coming together and focusing your minds upon a specific working are the bare essentials for any coven.


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